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Miniature Masters Monthly

Miniature Masters Monthly

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Introducing "Miniature Masters Monthly" – Your Gateway to Exquisite 3D Printed Resin Tabletop Roleplaying Miniatures!

Are you an avid tabletop roleplaying enthusiast searching for high-quality, handpicked miniatures to elevate your gaming experience? Look no further than Miniature Masters Monthly, your monthly subscription to a world of finely crafted 3D printed resin miniatures! Our subscription service offers three distinct size options – Skirmish, Encounter, and Battle – to cater to your gaming needs and preferences.

Why Choose Miniature Masters Monthly

**Curated Selection**: Each month, we curate a selection of top-tier miniatures from renowned designers such as Dragon Trappers Lodge, Cast N Play, and Lord of the Print. These artists are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring you receive only the best miniatures for your tabletop adventures.

**Size Variety**: Whether you're populating a bustling cityscape or preparing for epic battles in the wilderness, we've got you covered. Choose from our Skirmish, Encounter, or Battle subscription boxes to receive miniatures perfectly suited for your gaming scenarios.

**Exceptional Quality**: Our miniatures are meticulously 3D printed using premium UV resin, resulting in stunning, highly-detailed figures that will make your characters and monsters come to life on the tabletop.

**Surprise and Delight**: Unbox a monthly surprise filled with meticulously crafted miniatures, each thoughtfully selected to enhance your RPG adventures. From heroes and villains to mystical creatures, our boxes offer a variety of characters to enrich your campaigns.

**Convenience and Savings**: Save time and money by subscribing to Miniature Masters Monthly. Our subscription model offers competitive pricing, allowing you to expand your miniature collection without breaking the bank.

🎲 How It Works 🎲

1. **Choose Your Size**: Select the subscription size that suits your needs 
Skirmish for quick skirmishes, equivalent of 4 medium sized miniatures.*
Encounter for challenging encounters, equivalent of 8 medium sized miniatures.*
Battle for more epic battles, equivalent of 14 medium sized miniatures.*
*Each box could contain larger sized miniatures in place of medium sized.

2. **Monthly Delivery**: Receive a thoughtfully curated box of 3D printed resin miniatures at your doorstep every month, carefully packed to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

3. **Enhance Your Adventures**: Unleash your imagination and bring your tabletop RPG campaigns to life with our high-quality miniatures.

4. **Collector's Rewards**: Accumulate collector's points for ongoing subscription loyalty and redeem them for exclusive bonus items and discounts.

Elevate Your Tabletop Experience with Miniature Masters Monthly


All of our miniatures are 3D printed in high quality, navy grey coloured UV resin to 32mm scale. Flexible, yet durable, these miniatures are perfect for tabletop RPG games.

NOTE: the item is delivered in parts and unpainted - assembly may be required. The model will be cured and cleaned; I ensure to do my best to remove all traces of the printing supports however some small marks may remain on the model from this process.
These are usually undetectable once the model is primed and painted.

We are licensed sellers for Cast N Play, Lord of the Print and Dragon Trappers Lodge physical prints.

NOTE: Any applicable sales taxes and customs duty are the responsibilty of the buyer.

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