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Medieval Town - Part 1

Medieval Town - Part 1

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Blocks and Grids

These modular Town Blocks are a fantastic way to make many varieties of settlements, from small dwellings, to large, sprawling cities.

There are 130 separate modular pieces to make up the dungeons which can lead to huge creative choice! Each modular block measures at 35mm x 35mm.

When ordering, let me know what blocks you would like in the personalisation.

Single blocks fit in one square.
Double Block fit in 2 squares.
The Bridge fits over 3 squares.

The mutiple Blocks options can be made up of any blocks to total the amount chosen.

They all fit within multiples of a 3 x 3 grid system, which can be built up by extra levels to make the dungeons of various heights. The grids and borders are always printed in FDM for durability and stability.

If there are any queries, please drop me a message

(Due to the amount of blocks per set, they may take longer to send out than the standard time)

The sets contain a selection of pieces listed below.

Small Set
Contains one grid and blocks of your choosing to fit within the grid, 9 blocks in total.

Medium Set
Contains 2 grids and blocks of your choosing to fit within the double grid, 18 blocks in total.

Large Set
Contains 4 grids and blocks of your choosing to fit within the 4 grids, 36 blocks in total.


All of the Dungeon Blocks are printed in high quality, PLA filament. This makes them very durable, these miniatures are perfect for tabletop RPG games.

NOTE: the item is delivered in parts and unpainted - assembly may be required. The model will cleaned; I ensure to do my best to remove all traces of the printing supports however some small marks may remain on the model from this process.
These are usually undetectable once the model is primed and painted.

We are licensed merchants for DungeonBlocks, find them on MyMiniFactory.

NOTE: Any applicable sales taxes and customs duty are the responsibilty of the buyer.

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