Natural Six

Natural Six

Crafted Campaigns have been lucky enough to be able to work with an amazing group who are starting their first Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play video series.

They are known as Natural Six and their group is comprised of prominent video game performers and personalities - Natural Six are Harry McEntire, Ben Starr, Hollie Bennett, Alex Jordan, Doug Cockle and Aoife Wilson.

I was introduced to the group from our good friends at Tabletop Dominion, as they were looking for people who could provide miniatures and set pieces for their first campaign, set in the world of Reliquiae.

Thankfully I knew of them already as a backer of their kickstarter, so I was more than willing for the challenge, especially to be part of something so special!

Working with Harry, who is Natural Six's DM, has been great. He has a very clear vision of what he's looking for in each potential encounter and has been great to work alongside. So when the epidoses air, it's going to be fantastic to see our work on the table.

And now, the cast have released the video where they get to see their miniatures for the first time!
They each designed their characters with HeroForge, I simply printed and painted them, and was so happy to see thier individual reactions.

The series starts with Episode 1 on April 2, 2024. I can't wait to dive into being a loyal viewer of the campaign... though I may know many spoilers already.

If you want a part of Reliquiae for yourself, take a look at the Natural Six Collection.

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