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STL Miniature 3D Printing

STL Miniature 3D Printing

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Have your customised STL characters printed to a professional quality! This service is great for any of your customised miniatures that you have created.

Select the option you prefer - Standard, XL (for those big wings), or mounted. Then drop me a message for how to send over your desired STL file.

All of our miniatures are 3D printed in high quality, navy grey coloured UV resin. Flexible, yet durable, these prints are perfect for Tabletop RPGs.

NOTE: if the file is in multiple parts it will be delivered unassembled. The miniature will be cured and cleaned; I ensure to do my best to remove all traces of the printing supports however some small marks may remain on the model from this process.
These are usually undetectable once the model is primed and painted.

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