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Giant Turtle with Mice

Giant Turtle with Mice

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This Huge Turtle will make a great centrepiece for any table top role playing game. It's an interesting beast of burden! The base size of this huge miniature is 4 inches.

All of our miniatures are 3D printed in high quality, navy grey coloured UV resin to 32mm scale. Flexible, yet durable, these miniatures are perfect for tabletop RPG games.

NOTE: the item is delivered in parts and unpainted - assembly may be required. The model will be cured and cleaned; I ensure to do my best to remove all traces of the printing supports however some small marks may remain on the model from this process.
These are usually undetectable once the model is primed and painted.

I am an avid wargaming and tabletop RPG fan and have been for a long time. Over the years I have amassed a sizable collection of miniatures and terrain. Now I have access to more tools and techniques and can share my love of the hobby with others.
I always strive for the best quality in everything I send out and try to make sure everything is sent to the highest standard

We are licensed merchants for Lord of the Print ( - DM us for any other Lord of the Print model requests, we have a large library but not all are currently listed.

NOTE: Any applicable sales taxes and customs duty are the responsibilty of the buyer.

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Customer Reviews

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Larger than expected, beautifully printed,...

Larger than expected, beautifully printed, pleasure to paint, thank you

It turned up bit there was a bit broke I t...

It turned up bit there was a bit broke I think it was in transit but easily fixed